Lets talk about Sugar

Looking for a low-sugar condiment option? Look no further than our Banana Pepper Sauce. Far too many condiments are quietly loaded with sugar. Many products have misleadingly small serving sizes on their nutritional labels that don’t align with the reality of how they are used. Most people use more than a teaspoon of ketchup on their hot dogs.

Our Banana Pepper Sauce bottles are 12 ounces with 12 servings per bottle and 1 g of sugar per serving. That’s 1 g of sugar per ounce. We compared our product to leading Sriracha (5.6 g of sugar per ounce) and Ketchup (6.6 g of sugar per ounce) brands and found that our sauce has far less sugar per serving/ounce than these popular products. Our BPS adds a ton of flavor without loads of sugar and can be a valuable addition to healthy recipes.

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