Name Change

We have some important news to share. We have decided to change our name from "Hyattsville Sauce Company" to "Ben and Pat's Sauce Company."

When we formed our business a few years ago, we chose "Hyattsville Sauce Company" as our trade name to pay homage to the original location of the business. However, as we continue to grow our business, we felt that transitioning to our new name, "Ben and Pat's Sauce Company," is a better fit moving forward while adding a unique, personal touch to our brand. For the astute observers, you may notice that the acronym for Ben and Pat's Sauce Company is "BPS," which just-so-happens to be the same acronym for our Banana Pepper Sauce.

Of course, while our name has changed, our product still remains the same. Same recipe, same heat, same taste. Additionally, while we transition to our new name, we still have product available on Amazon and select stores under the "Hyattsville Sauce Co" branding. These bottles are of the highest quality and have over 18 months of shelf life left. We simply have some overlap between our names as we fully transition to our new branding.

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