Welcome to Ben & Pat's Sauce Company, home of The Original Banana Pepper Sauce.

(Formerly Hyattsville Sauce Company)

Who are we?

We are a condiment company with a passion for simple ingredients and bold flavors. We started by experimenting in home kitchens with the simple goal of making sauces we like to use. We loved the idea of a Banana Pepper Sauce and the rest is history.

What do we make?

We make banana pepper condiments with simple ingredients. Our first product is a Spicy Banana Pepper Sauce using hot banana peppers because we love the heat. We are always experimenting with new ideas and will continue to create new banana pepper condiments. 

Where can you buy?

In the future, you might be able to have our sauce delivered right into your mouth from a drone. Until then, click the button below to find out how you can buy our sauce. 

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For wholesale inquiries please contact: info@bananapeppersauce.com

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Contact: info@bananapeppersauce.com

(Formerly Hyattsville Sauce Company)

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